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“Have a dream, then open your eyes and try to make it true”.

These words of our founder, Rodolfo Cosmi, embody his philosophy and work ethic. True to his word, Rodolfo Cosmi, designed and built a unique semi-automatic shotgun that ultimately became the flagship of the Cosmi line and paved the foundation of a successful company. The history of Cosmi starts with Rodolfo: his story is one of talent, passion and hard work, following the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

At the end of the 19th century, Rodolfo Cosmi worked as a craftsman in a small village in Montefeltro, in central Italy. His meticulous and innovative approach eventually led him to develop an interest in firearms. Being of limited means, Rodolfo could not afford to buy a shotgun so he decided to build a “decent shotgun” for himself. In 1895, using some worn-out parts from an old shotgun and the shaft of an umbrella, he built his first gun. His ingenuity and mechanical genius were apparent and soon Rodolfo received orders to build more guns. He eventually received a patent for his unique designs. By this time, the Cosmi shotgun had become famous and Rodolfo even counted the King of Italy among his clientele. From its humble beginnings, Cosmi has become a prestigious international firm. The excellence that is Cosmi has earned prestige and fame in worldwide shooting circles. A Cosmi is a must-have and can be found in the personal collections of heads of state, intellectuals and famous sportsmen all over the world.

With their classic lines, innovative design, best quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, Cosmi guns are the epitome of fine gun making and are considered the best and most exclusive semi-automatic gun of the world.

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