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Cosmi SemiautomaticSuperleggero Titanium

Cosmi semiautomaticSuperleggero titanium


Superleggero Titanio (SLT) is the top of the line for Cosmi guns and the utmost expression of titanium technology.

This model was over 20 years in development and optimizes the qualities of lower weight and higher resistance to normal wear and tear. The SLT uses titanium in the receiver and internal mechanical parts. This results in a reduction in weight of over 700 grams compared to the steel model.

The SLT 12 gauge weighs less than 3 kg with ribless barrel. Despite this light weight, the perfectly balanced Cosmi system keeps recoil featherlight.

The Cosmi S.L.T is available with a new Bohler Maraging steel barrel, a material that was developed for aeronautical applications. Among its characteristics are extreme elasticity, high resistance to cracking and corrosion and excellent polishing properties, without friction.

Titanium grade 5 has excellent tensile strength properties at room temperature and viscous flow resistance. The crack resistance and crack propagation resistance is excellent. Like most titanium alloys, Grade 5 has excellent corrosion resistance.

It has about half the density of nickel alloys and is widely used in the aerospace sector.

Resists in salt water and marine atmosphere, in contact with oxidizing acids, chlorides (in the presence of water). Good resistance in a wide range of acids, alkalis and industrial atmospheres.

The Superleggero model offers a 20% weight saving compared to the Steel model. With particular precautions the weight can be further reduced.

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